Dream Again. Love Again. Live Again


Mel crossman

Hello friends!

I’m Mel, and I am a Life Coach, Writer and Personal Development enthusiast who is passionate about helping to bring healing, change and transformation to people’s lives. 

Welcome to Dream Again Coaching.

Change comes with truth, with revelation and with the knowledge that nothing is impossible.

We all want freedom.  Mental and emotional freedom. Freedom from projected ideas and opinions as well as freedom from expectations of oneself and others. Freedom to embrace every day with exuberance and positivity!

I have listened to the needs of many who believe if they had freedom both mentally and emotionally, then every other area of their lives would be successful. There would be no stopping them!

Dream Again Coaching works to create programs and training to discover limiting beliefs, experience healing and empower women to live their life with purpose, on purpose and to love the life they live.

It’s time to live your best and blessed life!

Much love, freedom and success,

Mel x

How Can I Help You?

Dream Again Coaching is designed to teach you and give you the tools needed to implement growth and change in your own life and give you the confidence you need to achieve greatness!


You don't have to do this journey called life alone! I am here to encourage you and walk with you to make your dreams come true!


Here you will find short courses on a variety of teachings that are fundamental to all areas of personal development, leadership and healing.


Check out my blog for free insights, knowledge and resources!

Why Work with Me?

I provide 1 on 1 coaching in a personalised coaching program to help you experience change in every area of your life. I also carry with me a lifetime of experience that no one else can offer when it comes to mental, emotional and spiritual health.