About me

Hi friends! My name is Mel and I love the outdoors. Anything nature! I love the ocean and palm trees! I love hiking and exploring! I love people as well as good food and great conversation. I love writing. I have written extensively of my journey and insights over the last two decades and am currently working on two books: one fiction and one non-fiction. I also love to help others achieve a level of freedom needed to kickstart and propel them into their future!

I have a Diploma in Coaching, and a fascination with both Psychology and the Bible and faith in all its forms; both of which I would love to further my studies on as well as Counselling.

Dream Again Coaching has taken time and care and research to put together programs to facilitate healing and change for mind and emotional health by going over several topics that I like to call ‘Heart & Soul Work.’ Most of my story cannot be shared, however I can tell you that psychologists and health care professionals have a shared interest in my work.  They want answers. We all want answers, right? As someone who has endured more hardship and obstacles than any human should ever have to and has experienced first-hand the debilitating effects of hopelessness and disappointment and what it feels like to hit rock bottom. The good news my friends, is that you too can build something beautiful and sustainable from the ground up.

It is my firm belief that every bad thing can be undone and turned around for good.

I believe that change comes with truth, with revelation and with the knowledge that nothing is impossible.

Creating this business, Dream Again Coaching and Ministries, is just one way that I can help others to find healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually and assist in finding the truth, answers and balance needed in building a beautiful life and future.


We live in such a desperate and deceived world, and while chasing after the things in our hearts we can often get stuck, lose our passion and ourselves on this journey called life. Sometimes we just need a hand to get ‘unstuck,’ or to find our ‘true north’ again.

Dream Again Coaching is On Mission to help you get back to basics, dream again and move forward. We help you to understand and know your values and expose the lies and beliefs that have hindered you. You will find lasting change and confidence as we travel a road that is aimed at seeing incredible transformation, thought provoking ideas, many activities, fun and freedom.

It may take some time out, healing, or realising that your goals are not in line with who you are or what you want. We will look closely at your values and help you line them up so that you experience the love, joy, and peace of walking in alignment with what is yours.

Dream Again Coaching offers Mini Courses, 1:1 Coaching Packages, Group Coaching and Healing Retreats.


How powerful is having a vision for your life! 


I see lives transformed and walking in the love, power and confidence that is theirs.

To create and facilitate a safe place, where each person realises their power and purpose and are equipped to walk in it.

Where emotional and spiritual healing is as profound as change, growth and self-awareness and where confidence cannot be moved or thrown away.  

To see values built and character attained, and people’s lives lifted and transformed from their struggle to a life they are proud owners of.

To create and facilitate courses and resources for others to receive the healing, transformation, growth and answers they desire while creating the future they dream of.

Our vision at ‘Dream Again’ is to see healing and restoration in the lives of people just like you and me. To teach and equip others to live in freedom from everything that holds us back from love, freedom and success. 

Love, freedom and success,


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